1 Aug 2009

Happy Birthday

Posted by sapana

Dear Friends,

I share with you,all my sorrows and my happiness.Today is my only son’s birthday.Please celebrate with me.
His name is Shabbirali.

You are in my heart just like that,
dew on the flowers on a sunny morning.

You are in my heart just like that,
ocean in the moonlight on a silver night.

You are in my heart just like that,
mountain stream, sparkling and clean,

You are in my heart just like that,
dreams remain in my open eyes.

You are included in all my dreams,
and God will fulfill all your dreams.

Without you I am just the women,
God gave you in my lap,I am a mother.

All happiness, all love, all blessings for you
I will write on my last living will.

May God bless you.


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27 Responses to “Happy Birthday”

  1. મેની મેની હેપ્પી રીટર્ન્સ ઑફ ધ ડે!

    હેપ્પી બર્થ ડે!


    વિનય ખત્રી

  2. Best Wishes to your loving kid !

    H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y to Shabbirali !



  3. Happy Birthday to u Shabbirali.

    And many many happy returns of the day !!

    કેટલાં વર્ષ નો થયો ?

    -પ્રવિણ કે.શ્રીમાળી

  4. Happy Birthday to Shabbirali.


    Pancham Shukla

  5. Many Many Happy Returns of the Day shabbirali,

    & Best Wishes


    Mayur Prajapati

  6. Happy birthday to Shabbirali..wishing you allthe best..
    vishwadeep &
    Phoolwadi Pariwar



  7. Mubarakbaad to the exxxxxcellent mom and dad. Happy i9th. Shabbirali I pray all your Birthdays be happy ones.Enjoy the beautiful poem agift of Love from yor mom.Have fun.


    Shenny Mawji

  8. જન્મદિન મુબારક શબિર તારા માટે એક કવ્ય

    આવતા વર્ષે તારી વર્ષગાંઠ છે
    ગયા વર્ષે આ સમય આવતા વર્ષે
    તારી વર્ષગાંઠમાં છે,
    મને લાગે છે કે તું જતો રહ્યો હતો
    કોઇ બોલાવતું હતું
    કોઇ કહેતું હતું
    કોઇક ક્યાંક બીજે હતું
    અથવા સમય બીજે ક્યાંક ;

    આનંદ માંખીએ લ્ંબાવેલી સુંઢ તળે ખાંડમાં ઓગળતો હતો…

    સપનાબેન you are welcome to read poems on my blog, thank u



  9. many many happy returns of the day …

    may god fulfill all yr dreams….


    nilam doshi

  10. જ્ન્મદિવસ ની ખુબ ખુબ શુભકામનાઓ – આવનારા દિવસો માં શબિર ને સુખ ,સમૃધ્ધિ અને દરેક કામમાં સફળતા મળે તેવી શુભકામના



  11. Belated Happy Birthday Shabbirali.



  12. Many many happy returns of the day.


    Heena Parekh

  13. Thank you all for the wonderful comments and wishes. It really means a lot. My mom also really appreciates all the support you all are giving her.

    Thanks again



  14. Dear Shabbir Ali..Happy Birthday …The celebrations began when we met in Chicago last week…and hope will continue throughout the year..May Allah be with you always and May all your dreams come true..Ameen.
    Aslam Doi & Family from Dubai


    Aslam Doi




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  17. I am so impressed I had to save it so I continously go back and read things I may have skimmed



  18. જન્મદિવસની હાર્દિક શુભકામનાઓ…


    વિવેક ટેલર

  19. I enjoyed this! Well done!



  20. જન્મદિને હાર્દિક શુભકામનાઓ…!!



  21. Shabbir and Bhabhi,

    Man is a father of child
    Woman is a mother of child
    think how is that possible ?
    in truth
    child makes man a father
    child makes woman a mother
    so credite goes to child
    who made man and woman
    the father and mother
    May Lord shiva
    bless you in coming life.

    Santosh and Jigisha Bhatt


    Santosh Bhatt

  22. many many happy returns of the day……………………..
    wish u very happy birthday………….
    enjoy the day………………..

    and yws su gifts mali te janavjo…………





  23. happy birthday to shabbirali. may allah bestow on you all your parents wishes. all the best. varsha and manoj


    manoj gandhy

  24. શબ્બીરાલીને જન્મ દિવસની ખૂબ ખૂબ શુભકામનાઓ…બહોત જીયો, લમ્બા જીયો, સારે સુખચેન તુમ્હરે કદમો હો…


    Lata Hirani

  25. જન્મદિવસની belated હાર્દિક શુભકામનાઓ…



  26. Hello


    Love Birthday Poem

  27. જન્મદૈન મૌબારક


    udaykumar Dave

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